Top 7 U.S. Fishing Vacations for the Family

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If you’re a fellow angler, you must be excited about the pandemic restrictions loosening across the United States. The State of Washington has a reputation for being among the best destinations globally for sports fishing, but it’s not the only place to experience unbelievable scenery and great catches. Vacationland has compiled a list of the seven best fishing vacation ideas for your family!

1. Seattle, WA     

If you live in the Seattle area, no one needs to tell you about how it’s an excellent fishing destination. And considering how many different fishing sites there are in Emerald City, there may be a few you haven’t tried yet!

Consider taking a staycation with your time off, which allows you to get many of the benefits of a vacation without requiring you to travel. You can take your staycation to the next level by finding a cozy vacation property in the area you wish to stay. And if you get a house near the activities your family is looking for, you can load your itinerary up with non-stop fun. Whether you opt for Madison Park, Lake Union, Matthews Beach, or any other hotspot, your family is sure to make the most of their time together!

2. San Diego, CA

As one of the most popular fishing destinations in the U.S., San Diego is ideal for saltwater and freshwater anglers. The city has seven ocean piers to go with a plethora of fishing charters, and you can even enjoy a deep-sea fishing cruise or whale watching tour on your trip. Plus, let’s not forget the beautiful coastline that San Diego offers!

3. Ketchikan, AK

Ketchikan is located at the southernmost part of the Inside Passage in Alaska. If you are looking to catch lots of wild salmon while surrounded by stunning scenery, this could be the destination for you. Ketchikan offers plenty of fishing tours, excursions, and fishing charters as well.

4. Kailua-Kona, HI

Kailua-Kona is a go-to destination if you hope to hook a boatload of tuna and marlin. You can also see dolphins, whales, and many other species as you brave the waters. The crystal blue ocean contrasts with the shore’s white sands and deep green vegetation to make for a breathtaking sight.

5. Cape Cod, MA    

Cape Cod is one of the nation’s top tourist destinations for families, and it’s perfect for anglers. More specifically, Plymouth offers lots of fishing charters where you can catch many different types of fish while enjoying the famous New England scenery.

6. Montauk, NY

Similar to San Diego, Montauk is known for offering some of the world’s best saltwater and freshwater fishing. You can fish for striped bass, flounder, porgies, marlin, mahi-mahi, sharks, and many other species. The greeting sign to Montauk Harbor reads “Fishing Capital of the World,” which pretty much says it all. 

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7. Charleston, SC

Sea trout, flounder, redfish, and other game fish fill the waters of Charleston, SC. If you’re a sports angler, it’s hard to beat this place. Not only are there a lot of fishing charters to choose from, but you can head downtown to see gorgeous historic architecture. Moreover, Charleston’s food scene is outstanding, making it one of the best overall destinations for a family vacation.

As you decide where you want to go on your next fishing trip, it’s also important to remember what not to bring on your vacation: namely, things like worry and a sense of conformity. In other words, a vacation is your chance to get away for a while, away from your usual routine, and recharge. As you consider your options, ask yourself which of these will allow you to meet that goal.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with staying in Washington State if you want all the benefits of a fishing trip without having to travel long-distance. However, if you’re looking to get out of town, any of the other destinations above would serve as a beautiful place to create memories with the most important people in your life!

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